Apps don’t boost online shopping. And, here’s why

A study found that online shoppers are more likely to use mobile apps as a way of researching and organising goods, but less as a buying tool, leading to the abandonment of purchases.
  • Mobile apps are rapidly becoming a popular option to shop online these days, but the phenomenon of shopping cart abandonment in which customers leave without completing the transaction is much higher than for desktop-based online shopping.
  • It is because consumers are often unable to see the full picture on a mobile app or that they could be missing out on special offers or overlooking hidden costs.
  • In addition, concerns related to privacy and security issues on the mobile phones also motivates people to put items into their shopping baskets but they quit without paying.
  • Mobile shopping is supposed to make the process easier, and yet concerns about making the right choice, leads to an emotional ambivalence about the transaction and that mean customers are much more likely to simply abandon their shopping carts without completing a purchase.
          Customers are becoming more and more demanding and, with mobile shopping in particular, they don’t forgive failures so offering a streamlined, integrated service is really important.
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