Why brands are increasingly choosing digital only video ad campaigns

  • Brands are increasingly creating ads exclusively for the digital medium, weaving content marketing into them.
  • Content marketing is creating & sharing content that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its product or services & if done right, works wonderfully in an interactive medium such as digital.
  • Around 3-5 minutes long storytelling ads are specifically created & suited to digital media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc
  • The flexibility & the no time constraints of the platform is the reason that brands are creating digital-first video ad campaigns.
  • Brands are realizing that their audience is now there on digital platforms, enabling them to target their audience accurately, giving them the RoI they look for.
  • Digital first campaigns allow brands to understand what is working & what is not.
  • This allows them to correct their marketing campaign & make any corrections, which is not possible in any other medium.
  • Brands get reactions from people & comments which enable them to make changes in the campaign immediately.
  • Digital video ad campaigns are also a series of ads which run for a longer period, like weeks sometimes.
  • The costs of the TV medium are higher especially in some of the highest rated channels & shows.
  • Many clients opt for digital-first video campaigns & if it works out, some of them even think about taking it to TV.
  • P&G’s Vicks ‘Touch of Care’ & Paperboat’s ‘My first train ride’ ad campaigns have worked well recently.
Source: http://bit.ly/2pAgpj6


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