What is the X-factor that celebrities bring to tourism brands?

  • Switzerland, one of the favourite shooting destinations of Bollywood industry is betting on celebrities for promoting tourism.
  • Ranveer Singh is now the Indian ambassador to Switzerland.
  • Switzerland has been assumed as honeymoon destinations as romantic Indian blockbuster movies are shot in Swiss Alps in 80’s and 90’s. It did help and the country got a lot of footfalls back then.
  • Ritu Sharma, deputy director, Switzerland Tourism. “Even while the family will continue to be our biggest customer-base, we want the millennials to be also excited. Thus, the destination-brand is being repositioned a bit for this new-age traveller, and Ranveer Singh seemed the best fit with his outgoing and quirky personality,” adds Sharma.
  • Not only destinations but premium airlines like Etihad and Emirates are providing premium travelling experience and hence announced Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston as their brand ambassadors respectively.
  • It is important for audience to be able to relate to celebrity-endorser so as to boost tourism.
Source:  http://bit.ly/2nMf2xn


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