Washing powder Nirma! Washing powder Nirma!

This is the story of a man who was the son of a small farmer, Mr Karsanbhai Patel. In the year 1969 Mr Patel stepped into the market with a clear vision to sell detergent powder at very low cost.
  • He was a science graduate and was trying to mix soda ash with a few ingredients to make detergent powder and one day he was finally successful.
  • Being a qualified graduate did not stop him selling the detergent powder door to door to consumers. It was priced at rupees 3 which was almost one third the price of well-established brand Surf Excel.
  • He left his government job to pursue it as a full-time venture as the product was very close to Mr Patel’s heart. So, he decided to name it as ‘Nirma’ which was the nickname of his daughter ‘Nirupama’ was who died in a car accident.
  • After this move, Nirma not only proved to be a game changer but also changed the market trend for many small-scale businesses.
  • The research and development team of Nirma started producing good quality of detergent at a much cheaper cost and which results in increasing sales and the product begins to take off in the market.
  • The target segment was defined as Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities because the market of Tier 1 cities was already captured by the premium brand such as Surf Excel and other competitors.
  • He launched a strategic advertising campaign on TV with a Jingle ‘Washing powder Nirma’ and this Jingle spread across all the households within the country and also boosts their sales.
With this successful brand story of Nirma, we come to know that Mr Patel chased his vision not money and converted his passion into a profitable venture. Now Nirma has became the basic need of every household in Tier 2 cities and Tier 3 cities.
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