Vodafone Helps Delhiites Breathe A Sigh of Relief

  • The air quality of Delhi over the past days has worsened due to dust, smoke and suspended particles reaching alarming levels. With the aim to help commuters tackle poor air quality and allow them to breathe in fresh air, Vodafone India came up with a unique out-of-home(OOH) initiative – ‘Air Purifying Bus Shelter’ at Safdarjung Hospital.
  • The air purifier installed at the bus stop absorbs the surrounding polluted air, processes it and the filtered air is then supplied to people in the covered area.
  • This is not the first time that Vodafone has undertaken a task for the greater good of the society. The brand had installed ‘Rainwater Harvesting Billboards‘, in the month of July this year, to solve the water shortage problem in drought-affected areas of Maharashtra.
  • Vodafone strategically chose the area to set up air purifying bus shelter to set up at Safdarjung Hospital sue to its proximity to AIIMS(All India Institute of Medical Sciences). Therefore, through this initiative, Vodafone is trying to provide some relief to public.
Source: http://bit.ly/2hngMdL