The high-performance tyre manufacturers and exporters, TVS Srichakra Ltd unveiled their new brand, TVS Eurogrip in August 2019 to cater to the needs of the millennial customer base. Recently the brand has come up with an Instagram illustrator campaign naming #NeverGetTyred. The campaign embarked on February 11 on the official Instagram page of TVS Eurogrip giving away the message to celebrate the joyful experiences of life to its followers.

  • Conceptualized and executed by Interactive Avenues, the brand’s social media agency, the main motto behind this campaign is encouraging to not getting tired of riding to unfathomed places and cherishing the experiences.
  • This campaign is one of the many ways for the brand to connect to its target customers not only through the product information but also through the enjoyable and alluring content.
  • The followers of the brand have been encouraged to share their riding stories as entries on the theme #NeverGetTyred and the winning entry will be given an Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Some Illustrators like thedoodledesk, pranitart, comicallysane, and doodlesndreams have also collaborated with the brand in this campaign to create content and to request contributions from the followers of the brand.



The campaign is still on going and has proven successful in increasing the number of profile visits for the brand. As TVS Eurogrip has specifically focused on the Millennials since its inception, the social media plays a significant role for the brand to connect with its targeted young riders and this campaign is a step towards the same.




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