Transparency as key to winning customers

Transparency means full disclosure of the product or service that you are offering. It goes against the traditional marketing where beautiful and integrated lies are used to win customers. “But better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.” is a quote we all know and that is now the emerging new trend in Marketing as well.

  • Jeep has used this strategy while launching its Jeep Compass SUV in India through many Campaigns –
  • Through the Jeep trails campaign, they ensured customer engagement. In this campaign a group of people can participate to go on an adventure hosted by Jeep
  • In the Camp jeep Campaign, they had showcased the strength of their Car via off roading. This helped the potential customers to actually test the potential of the car.
  • They made a web series called Know your Compass where jeep fans can see how the vehicle is manufactured. This leads to creating brand trust.
  • Their digital content campaign “Under the hood” showcases the engine details, that make it powerful, in a creative way

These campaigns use transparency as a tool for gaining customer’s trust and building their goodwill.

Benefits of Transparency –

  • Brand Trust and Customer Loyalty – In this era where customers are equipped with internet and have many choices available, brand trust can only make sure that you sustain in the market
  • Creation of Advocates – The loyal customers spread word about the brand and indirectly help in creating new customers.
  • Clarity – Transparency helps customers to have clear idea of what to expect from the product or service. This helps in reducing the gap between the expectations of the customers and the reality of the product which in turn reduces dissatisfaction among customers.



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