You might have heard of the brands Ferrari, Lamborghini & McLaren as they make some of the most exotic, fastest cars on the planet but what if I tell you that there are two brands that can give the above three giants a run for their money! Yes, the two brands we are talking about don’t manufacture your average sports car or even a supercar! Welcome guys to the “HYPERCAR TERRITORY”.
Pagani & Koenigsegg are the arch rivals when it comes to hyper cars. Founded by Horacio Pagani & Christian Von Koenigsegg respectively, these two brands have proved their mettle in the automobile industry. Both petrolheads by birth, have created many exotic hyper cars.
The base price of buying a Pagani is 1.4 million US dollars while that of Koenigsegg is a mind boggling 2.1 million US dollars. But they would not only give you the excitement and the status but also the entry to the two most exclusive car clubs on the planet which is afforded by very few of the big guns. Any such car has a minimum delivery time of 6 months, to say the least.
But, why have you never seen any marketing done by any of those brands?! Well, their products are so damn good, all the top critics across the world appraise their cars like anything and they get the attention they need. Marketing but No Marketing!


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Pratish Kalyani3 Posts

Civil engineer and petrolhead. Fond of reading and researching about brands and their evolutions especially in the automobile sector.



Saurav Nayak

The biggest competition is myself. I am not looking to follow others or pull them down. I am planning to test my own boundaries.


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