Tesco’s ‘’Inside-Out’’ Approach

  • Tesco’s new approach to marketing means shop floor colleagues, the inside-out marketing concept where it involves its staff in the campaigns.
  • Tesco is much inspired by its colleagues, as most of its Food Love Stories are the ideas of its colleagues.
  • The chief customer offices, Alessandra Bellini, said, they have taken out 8000 tons of sugar, fat and salt from their supply chain to make people better and healthier choices.
  • In March, the company had launched a campaign to reduce food wastage.
  • Tesco recently launched the ‘Little Helps to Healthier Living’ campaign, to lower the price of fruits and vegetable and also alerting customers to healthier alternatives.
  • Tesco will be launching two health-minded TV ads which will feature recipes from health-minded chef Derek Sarno.
  • Alessandra Bellini, said, these all campaigns are to ensure its customers that Tesco’s marketing is much integrated and purpose-driven.
Source: http://bit.ly/2oWQD9K

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