Small beverage companies outshine Coke, Pepsi

  • Many small home-grown beverage makers are running at full capacity even before peak summer. Others are taking the franchisee route to expand quickly.
  • According to industry estimates, the market share of regional players in the Rs 14,000-crore soft drinks business is around 15%.
  • They include players such as Jayanti Beverages of Alwar, Delhi’s CityCola and Xalta, Haryana’s Campa Cola and Gujarat’s Hajoori & Sons, among many others.
  • The popularity Jayanti’s Jaljeera which is a digestion drink led Coca-Cola to re-launch its counterpart Rimzim Cola through its splash bar.
  • Nielsen reports say that regional players are steadily gaining grounds in pockets and their retail, as well as consumption presence, is emerging in large markets of Tamil Nadu, Delhi, UP and MP.
  • Also, volumes of health-based drinks have grown more in comparison to soft drinks.
  • Small beverage companies such as Xalta are growing at 30% y-o-y, national players have not had it so easy because of monsoons and health concern over carbonated beverages.



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