PrasarBharti to go digital overseas

India’s public broadcaster PrasarBharati is looking to spread its wings overseas, digitally. They have moved a proposal seeking approval for the launch of ‘Digital PrasarBharati’ as a globally respected digital news platform.
  • The proposal suggested that the digital platform is used to report international news with an Indian perspective to a global audience.
  • The proposed English language digital platform will focus on the global economy, geopolitics, international terror, global crises and soft power.
  • It has proposed that it should be a platform for news items that show India speaking and acting.
  • It has also proposed news items where DPB can control the discourse on environment, nature, animal rights and human rights on their own terms.
The move has been undertaken to create a mindshare for India’s strategic interventions and to challenge the anti-India narrative in foreign media through hard and compelling commentary.

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