Millennials push companies to serve ready-to-eat

  • A decade back, homemakers started using ready-to-cook recipes to serve delicious food to the family reducing the cooking preparation time.
  • This ready-to-cook era started with the Git’s Gulab-jamun ready mix packet which offered its customers the convenience of preparing the sweet dish.
  • But, today the new dual-income generation wants even more convenience and has shifted from ready-to-cook to ready-to-eat segment.
  • With this changing consumer behavior, the companies are also forced to change their product offerings, Git’s started Gulab-jamun tins, MTR foods, the South Indian food focused company has started pan-India adding new products and 3 minutes breakfast.
  • According to Nielson researched data, presently the Ready-to-eat meals market is at Rs.23 crores and is growing at the rate of 3-5%.
  • Companies are expecting the homemakers to continue with Ready-to-cook mixes as the pride of cooking resonates much with the older generation.
  • Contribution of ready-to-eat is likely to grow faster compared to ready-to-cook 

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