Huawei topples Apple to become the second largest smartphone brand

Chinese smartphone major Huawei has officially beaten Apple to become the second largest smartphone brand in the world. The rank can be attributed to Huawei’s consistent investment in R&D coupled with manufacturing, aggressive marketing, and sales channel expansion.
Key areas where Chinese brands are scoring in-
  • Good design, manufacturing capability, and feature-heavy handsets and aggressive market promotion are earning customers for Chinese brands.
  • Another factor is that Chinese brands have been able to reach out to key supply partners, launching designs with much-in-need features such as augmented reality, in-house chipsets and advanced camera features.
  • Though Huawei has become the second largest smartphone brand, none of its smartphone models, has broken into the top ten rankings of handsets in terms of sales globally.
  • Huawei has a weakness in its global strategy as it seems too concentrated on the home market China where it already enjoys a leadership position.
  • The lack of any of Huawei’s handsets in any of the top ten can be attributed to an absence of building overall brand recognition.
While the world’s best-selling smartphone model still remains the Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus and with the iPhone 8 set for a launch on September 12 and its speculative features already creating waves around the world, Huawei’s ‘Honor’ of second largest smartphone brand could be short lived.


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