Facebook goes the Snapchat way

  • Social media giant Facebook has decided to renovate its camera features to make their young users stay on the platform.
  • Coming up with the idea of copying the features from snapchat like vanishing of picture after 24 hours, selfie effects and a few other things snapchat is known for.
  • As of now, the app camera feature of Facebook is in its testing phase and is limited to Ireland only.
  • Facebook has used some of snapchat-similar features like the ones during Rio Olympics and now Halloween-themed masks and Prisma-like features to give better choices of blends in pictures.
  • Snapchat was offered a deal of $3billion by Facebook which was declined.
  • Though number of users on snapchat is massively growing, yet snapchat is doing much well and forecasted to make around $1 billion revenue in 2017.
  • Seeing competition looming in the market, Facebook is surely going to come with luring features for its users and not let them shift to any other app.
 Source: http://bit.ly/2ehWJY5