Coca-Cola to cut its Reliance on Coke, pack a fruit punch

Consumption trends have definitely shifted over the past three years, with a growing preference for health drinks, including dairy products. To keep with the changing consumer preferences, a strategy that the beverage giant expects will propel India to one of its top three markets.
  • Coca cola is focusing on the development of healthier alternatives as consumers shift from fizzy drinks to low- and no-sugar options and drinks in emerging categories.
  • For which its attempt in India has paid off in such a segment where consumers have been buying more of the brand’s mango drink “Mazza”
  • The company plans on investing in its sixth biggest market to create and agricultural focused eco system based, food processing units that will help it to introduce fruit based products in the near future
  • The company that claims to have ‘virtually entered every existing beverage category in the world,’ is stepping up efforts to bring global innovations faster to its markets. Alongside being an optimist on how the competition helps it to grow.


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