Coca-Cola, PepsiCo left reeling after local rivals eat into market share

A person knows his or home better, this is what we can say after knowing the fact that the giant companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are not doing good in the market because of the local rivals.
  • The giants are surprised but the local companies believe that it’s a matter of fact that they are beating the competition as they understand the Indian customer better.
  • Nowadays people are moving towards the healthier drink and Coke and Pepsi are trying hard to grab the bigger share of the changing market with their fruits drink.
  • Minute Maid which is a Coca-Cola’s product is doing good in the segment of non-mangoes drink.
  • The local brand like Parle Argo and ITC are gaining popularity in the healthier drink segment with their products like Frooti and Paper Boat respectively.
  • ITC has announced to launch its new products with region wise specification whereas Parle Argo transformed its go to the market strategy two years ago by increasing its infrastructure efficiency and doubling the distribution points.
As the people are shifting towards the healthier and low-calorie drinks. It is going to be the tough competition for the both Cola and Pepsi to compete with the local companies as they claim to have the better understating of the Indian palate and preferences.

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