Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey meets PM Narendra Modi, Mukesh Ambani, discusses sourcing, retail plans

On his visit to India, the Coco-Cola CEO James Quincey met with PM Narendra Modi and Mukesh Ambani to discuss the future plans of the company.
  • In discussion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he committed to sourcing of ingredients, especially fruits, from India.
  • He promised to reduce the sugar content in their products taking the health grounds into consideration.
  • He also pledged to increase its agri-business from India.
  • The core focus areas of the talk include putting India as a brand in the mind of consumer all around the world by developing juice and juice based drinks with local fruit variants and exporting processed fruits to global market.
  • In his meeting with Mukesh Ambani(Reliance Industries Chairman), they discussed the methods to accelerate Coca-Cola’s retail activities.
India is becoming the business hub of the world with its vibrant growth and It is going to be a challenge for T. Krishankumar (President of Coca-Cola India) to take this business strategy of Coca-Cola into next level.


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