Campaigning with ‘Content’

As the election season is approaching, India’s two biggest political parties have thrown the traditional ideas of how to attract voters out the window. The stories candidates tell have a powerful impact on the momentum of their campaigns. Voters have demonstrated that they respond to political leaders who have a compelling story; they want to know interesting, emotional and authentic life experience from the candidates.

Previously, political advertising was restricted to 30 second TV commercials, now it has expanded to more direct forms of reaching out to the people.

  • The Modi government have mastered the nuances of brand building through ‘Mann Ki Baat’ (the radio programme hosted by Modi himself on All India Radio) and the‘Chai Pe Charcha’ campaign and the PR-led stories about PM’s humble background.
  • On the other hand, Congress has been trying to rebuild the party’s maligned image by creating a strong influencer base through known personalities with verified accounts and firm opinions. They are also trying to bring into a frame the ‘First-time voters, Millennial and people who are uninterested in politics’
  • Experts believe that these activities make no impact on the strategic level; they are just a trigger to start a conversation without any defining outcome. Also, people tend to share stories without any verification of the facts, and that is one of the major concerns in political advertising.
  • Recently, three big Bollywood movies – “URI”, “THE ACCIDENTAL PRIME MINISTER, and “THACKERAY” were released, these movies might show the Modi government in a good light, but whether they will gather votes is debatable.

On the road to a post-digital world, content campaigning is the strategic, creative link between traditional advertising and modern content communication. At the same time, content campaigning does not place the main emphasis of the campaign on one-dimensional advertising messages, but on actual relevant content – and thus enables modern and effective brand communication. Content campaigning enables brands to successfully manage the entire funnel of their individual customer journey and also to effectively harness awareness, engagement and conversion to achieve communication goals.




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