Cadbury Celebrations delve deeper into the advertising journey and its campaign pioneer the festive marketing space.

Cadbury, through its various communications using integrated marketing channels such as Facebook , Twitter, YouTube by targeting youth and giving an opportunity to brothers to express their love for their sisters through various campaign like;- ‘Tell your sister she is special’, ‘Songs For Sisters’ “Meethi Memories’ or ‘sweet memories’, campaigns giving a chance to win a specially customized illustration for Rakhi gift and express love for siblings, had tried to strengthen an emotional connect between the customers.


  • The campaign is rightly named and is the sweetest thing to do by Cadbury Celebrations, one that will be long remembered where brothers have been invited to share messages for their sisters on the brand’s social media platforms, which will then turn it into a song dedicated to her.
  • As per Mondelez Changing consumer purchasing behavior of gifts choices, costumers are preferring premium assorted chocolates for gifting purposes across metropolitan cites and the company also leveraged as the core.
  • Cadbury has targeted a distribution channel to ensure the availability of the right product at the right place and the right time. The brand is being made available at places where a consumer is likely to think of buying a gift, such as shopping arcades and gift shops and was positioned as “all you ever need to gift”. Hindu business line report says that the gift pack is backed by international packaging and format and available at an affordable price, which attracts customers to choose the best option out of gift variety.
  • The chocolate company tries to scratch a stronger impression through the sole act of introducing a new range of chocolates, new packaging design and the marketing messages that portrays the product is more precious than the diamond necklace.


We agree that heartwarming ads create curiosity for the target audience and the audience eagerly wait for these types of ads which compel to memorize the good story of sisters. Cadbury’s Cadbury celebrations Raksha Bandhan one of the few fames. In the campaign, it touches an emotional chord of costumers and won hearts with progressive storytelling through their festive advertisements and managed to make customers festivals into an extraordinary festival especially Raksha Bandhan by providing an extra bite of Mithas by their products.



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