Assassin’s Creed Tests a New Marketing Ploy: Virtual Reality

  • The popular game Assassin’s creed has arrived with its movie version of game and promoted the same with trailers, posters, interviews with star MICHAEL FASSBENDER.
  • Apart from the conventional way of marketing, Assassin’s creed adopted the new marketing strategy, it sets up Ocuclus Rift VR headset from facebook and created a buzz all around regarding the movie.
  • Though expensive way of marketing a product, yet a very effective. It gives its users a real time experience of being assassin with the 360 degree features.
  • The producers of Assassin’s Creed could afford to build a technically challenging, high-resolution experience in part because they teamed up with other companies, including chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices, which provided its graphics cards and expertise in exchange for associating its brand with a popular gaming franchise and VR technology.
  • The objective behind this marketing strategy was to give a emotionally raw experience which could leave a lasting expression on the movie lovers.
  • Similar technology is been used by Vroom, an online market place for used-cars. It gives immense experience to consumer of a showroom in 3D virtual reality, where they can have access to the 3D models of virtual inventory of Vroom.

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