Apple plans to ditch Touch ID, and move to face recognition for 2018 iPhones

Apple is making a move for adopting new technology for its phones. Despite initially believing Apple might re-adopt the fingerprint technology it is now likely that all 2018 iPhones will move to Face ID.
  • 3D sensing will be a key selling point of all new 2018 iPhone models.
  • Apple currently faces manufacturing difficulties with 3D sensing but TrueDepth cameras and Face ID will help Apple capitalise on its clear lead in 3D sensing design and production for smartphones. 
  • The iPhone X is the first Apple smartphone to feature a design with no home button, and it replaces Touch ID with the company’s new Face ID technology.
  • A good product innovation strategy.
This change will allow all new models to realize a competitive advantage via differentiation, on the back of an integrated user experience of full-screen design and TrueDepth Camera,Facial recognition,Face ID and AR applications.

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