Amazon talking about big data

Amazon is working with top media companies to make its data more available for use in their media planning.
  • Amazon is developing data analytics tools for brands, backed by machine learning and web services. Amazon is running experiments with agencies and brands, some that look at targeting ads and some that measure attribution, showing which ads lead to business results.
  • Amazon’s ad team has been promoting a “clean room” for complex data and analytics research. Clean room is a generic name for a data-sharing platform that adheres to strict guidelines around privacy prevent any information from leaking. The clean room will provide insights into behavior across consumers’ purchase paths.
  • For instance, agencies have been using Amazon Web Services to analyze data from Facebook ad campaigns. That means advertisers are able to import data out of Facebook and dissect it in Amazon’s environment, which requires a partnership between the two web rivals. The whole point of the “clean room” technology is so that no
    data from Facebook leak into Amazon.
  • Amazon is already known for being able to give brands solid intelligence about ads on its properties and tell them when those ads lead to sales on Amazon. But the company is expanding its ambitions and wants to be able to help advertisers serve ads anywhere online and measure the impact, even if the final sale doesn’t take place on Amazon.
  • Agencies and brands will be able to build customized ad bidders and reporting tools, buy ad inventory across the web, and import consumer data to learn more about them, and ultimately build ad targeting models that are more exact.
Amazon wants to use data as a lure for big advertising spenders to commit to investing in its platform.

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