Winds of change: How AI will create a better marketplace

Influencers are in the heart of various brand strategies, they have the entire package – audience, authenticity, and most importantly, affinity with their followers. With technology getting revolutionized rapidly, our generation has found itself in the eye of the storm, we are incessantly coping with changes and, learning to stay ahead in the game, while the world comes up with a blur of new innovations every passing day. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one such change that we are all trying to wrap our head around.

  • Finding the right influencer for their brand among the myriad has become a major challenge for marketeers. There are a lot of variables involved in finding an influencer who will prove the company beneficial. With the help of AI, finding the target influencer can become a walk in the park.
  • AI will help in finding fake account or reviews, by continuously scanning through the comments in various social media platforms and going through it effectively. For example, AI platform can suggest which comment to reply to, which ones to ignore, and which rumors are to be stubbed out immediately.
  • Content is an important aspect of social media marketing, without relevant content, a brand is as good as a needle in the haystack. AI will analyze various images, captions, hashtags, and find various touch points where the user sentiment lies. AI platform will deliver curated content only to those specific target customers who are genuinely interested in a product.

We get bombarded by so many clothing companies online, many of these companies doesn’t exist anywhere but virtually. Only after they have gained user engagement, does production for clothing starts, somewhere in the other part of the world. Such is the shocking play of technology in today’s era, and the consumers are all but lost amidst the crowd of marketeers. AI platforms will ensure the authenticity of every account in social media and, both the company and the consumer will be benefited by it. 




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