Gillette – The best a Man and Women can Get

Gillette’s newest campaign with a tagline of ‘The Best a Man can Get’ was meant to target the male audience, but it engaged the female audience as well. Eventually, it was a big turn off for the audience as many were comparing the advertisement to the #metoo movement which perpetuated a lot of gossips and memes on Twitter. An analysis was carried out to understand the fallout of the campaign. It was understood that

  • 56% of the chat was primarily done by men over the age of 35 years.
  • Having 66 per cent of the conversation leaning towards positive.
  • Gillette would be losing the opportunity to target women as they dominate the market with 62% of market share and out of which 75% is below the age of 35 years.
  • Razors are available for women in the market but they are expensive than the normal razors that are present in the market for men.
  • The idea of shaving on a regular basis is a concept which is not easy to digest for a major percentage of women in our country.
  • Only 21% of the women reacted positively to shaving advertisements. 51% of people expressed joy pertaining to women’s sentiments about shavingand most retweeted posts were made by women.


As per the analysis, we can conclude that Gillette may have had a small per cent of customers or had negative responses but the ad was predominantly a hit. The company maneuvered branding and core idea for their audience. It also managed to convert non-Gillette users to Gillette.







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