Where there is Lifebuoy, there is Brand consistency

Unilever’s Lifebuoy has been around for 124 years, and the brand has tried to convey only one message in the past 100 years or so, “Tandurusti Ki Raksha”. Holding the pride of being India’s first bathing soap, Lifebuoy began its branding journey in 1965 alongside Lowe Lintas.

  • The first ever print ad of Lifebuoy showed a man showering with Lifebuoy soap, the copy read – “Where there is Lifebuoy, there is health.”
  • The brand started off targeting the male crowd in its initial years. This the brand achieved with ads that showed men bathing with Lifebuoy after having an intense game of soccer. Lifebuoy has always used sports as a metaphor to portray how while playing there is much scope for being infected by germs. Hence the solution – Lifebuoy.
  • In the 90s, owing to the change of national mindset, and the influence of women in buying decision shifting from medium to high, Lifebuoy deviated to more family-oriented approaches in their campaigns. By 2002, the brand had successfully repositioned itself as a family-oriented brand that looked out for the safety of all.


  • Going forward, Lifebuoy targeted the younger crowd with a series of campaigns, the most famous one being “Bunty tera sabun slow hai kya?” This ad showed the importance of Handwashing and the swiftness with which Lifebuoy achieved it.


  • Lifebuoy has also positioned itself as a socially responsible brand with a lot of its campaigns, the most effective of these were “Lifebuoy Global Handwashing Day and Lifebuoy Helps a Child reach 5”. Even in their social messages, Lifebuoy has maintained consistency with its communication, always focusing on the need and importance of a healthy lifestyle.


Lifebuoy has changed its target market in the past 100 years, changed its brand strategy, even successfully repositioned itself with a different perspective, but the one thing that has remained standard throughout its existence in market is the message that Lifebuoy has been conveying – “Where there is Lifebuoy, there is health”. This consistency has gained a competitive advantage for brand, and ensured that Lifebuoy gets the proper Brand recall.

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