Whatsapp’s move to tackle Fake News

With a number of rumors and misleading information spreading on WhatsApp in India, it had run campaigns regarding offering tips to users on how to spot misinformation. Now, it is launching a new fact-checking service called checkpoint Tipline in India ahead of the country’s upcoming elections.


  • WhatsApp has affiliated with Proto and also with Dig Deep Media and Meedan are helping proto the verification and research frameworks for India. These two organizations have also worked on a similar concept.
  • It was said that the main aim of the project is to study the misinformation phenomenon at scale — natively in WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp users can forward the message to the Checkpoint Tipline for verification. These messages can be in the form of image, video or text also they accept text in English plus 4 regional languages.
  • Post that a team of Proto will assess the message and mark them as either “true,” “false,” “misleading,” or “disputed.” They will take up to 24 hours to verify the messages.
  • There are plenty of rumors being spread, especially now, during the time of elections regarding the politicians in India. During Brazilian elections last year similar trend was observed.
  • As the data flows in they will be able to identify all affected issues, locations, languages, regions and more.
  • Further Proto also plans on forwarding the data to the journalist for them to understand and learn from the project.  

WhatsApp’s initiative for tackling fake news is bold and it is difficult to regulate, but here even the organization cannot view the messages. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption will help to track down the messaging service.











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