Volkswagen forms brand Moia for mobility services

  • The Volkswagen Group officially launched its new mobility services company MOIA.
  • The new company will be headquartered in Berlin.
  • Moia’s business is to set up its own on-demand pooling shuttle services, co-ordinated via an app from homes to city centers.
  • Moia will begin by offering carpooling and shuttle services using its own purpose-built, battery-powered electric vehicles and can most likely be self-driving in future.
  • The company will develop and market its own mobility services, either independently or in partnership with cities and existing transport systems.
  • Its aim is to democratize mobility, which means that they will operate at a price level that’s comparable with other transport systems without having to own a car
  • As a part of connected commuting, the company also aims to optimize the use of the existing road infrastructure by cutting down the number of vehicles travelling between the same points.
  • Moia’s first vehicle pooling pilot projects are scheduled to begin in two European cities in late 2017.