Who doesn’t like to give a special touch to his/her bike, it’s all about showing what you are or we can say a bike is the replica of rider’s identity. We all know what vehicle customisation is, so what is different about Vardenchi or we can also ask WHAT IS VARDENCHI?
  • Something that belongs to Varde, this is the meaning of VARDENCHI and it clearly indicates that it belongs to its founder Akash Verde, who followed his passion and turned his dream to a Crores of remodelling business.
  • His journey started with customising his own bike (Royal Enfield) which he bought second hand at ₹17000 and from there on his journey began.
  • Soon after people started appreciating his work and he got his first order for customisation of a bike from a stand-up comedian and actor Ash Chandler commissioned him to make a similar bike for him and that’s how Vardenchi Motorcycles started.
  • We know “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it” and Akash Varde proved it. He and his team take the frame of Royal Enfield as the base and with magic, they always turn it into some new and different from other bikes which truly shows the identity of the rider.
At Vardenchi they truly believe in the motorcycling way of life and embed that beautiful philosophy in everything they do. Their bikes, parts, safety gear and apparel all speak the same language. Motorcycling!
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