Top Collaborations of 2020

1. Crocs and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber posted on October 7, 2020, confirming its collaboration with Crocs. Following that post, Crocs share price rose by more than 11 percent. Crocs aren’t sorted of cool footwear so Crocs leverages to partner with Justin Bieber which makes these Crocs look cool and help in total sales of the company which helped them grow in the pandemic.

2. Swiggy and Netflix

Swiggy posted a humorous Instagram post on 3 November 2020, where Swiggy takes Netflix collaboration one step ahead with the reference of the show “Dark”.

3. Mercedes-Benz and SBI

On 24 November 2020, SBI announced its collaboration with Mercedes-Benz as it will give access to online car booking through SBI digital platform YONO and offer attractive financial benefits for Mercedes-Benz car buyers.

4. Yash Mukhate collaboration with Cadbury for a wrapper melody

On 24 December 2020, a YouTube video showed a collaboration with Cadbury, and the purpose of this collaboration was to get a specialized wrapper melody for Christmas.

5. Chicco and Myntra.

On16 July 2020, Chicco announced its collaboration with Myntra because Myntra gives a platform for customers to directly shop for products and Chicco wanted to ramp up its digital segments and expand its customer base.

6. Pepsi and Swiggy

On 25 June 2020 Pepsi announced a fund-raising initiative with Swiggy in association with the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) where Swiggy Provide 25 lakhs meals to workers of the restaurant community who are in distress and a part of the initiative any customer buys any soft drink on Swiggy, Pepsi will contribute that amount in NRAI.

7. Google and Reliance in Jio Platforms

On 16 July 2020, Reliance announced its partnership with Google for developing an android-based operating System and entry-level affordable smartphones

8. Disney+ Hotstar and MediaMath.

On 4 December 2020, MediaMath announced its collaboration with Disney+ Hotstar. The purpose of this was to reach new and existing audiences at a large scale and build incremental reach.

9. LEGO and IKEA

On 27 August 2020, Ikea x Lego announced its BYGGLEK collection because they wanted to create a simple storage solution for kids and adults.

10. Nykaa and Netflix

On 14 August 2020, Nykaa wanted to celebrate powerful stories of women with their campaign “Beauty in her story” in collaboration with Netflix building on its founding values of empowerment. Nykaa’s collaboration with Netflix will bring out the stories of strong women who follow their dreams.

11. Lamborghini and Supreme

On 31 March 2020, Supreme announced its latest collaboration with Lamborghini both the brands occupy most of their respective industries and this collaboration was for the summer collection as it shows their character, and the Lamborghinis logo adds 5 times more value.

Author – Rahul Dubal

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