Titan Eyeplus Launches Specialized Lenses

  • Titan Eyeplus, an optical retail chain, launched a campaign #LiveTheNew featuring specialized lenses that are specifically designed to meet the lifestyle needs of different consumer groups. These lenses include Ozone Lenses, Fog-Free lenses, and Water repellent Lenses.
  • The TVC takes one from the foggy mountain ranges to the choppy sea. The video shows as to how the three unique lenses are serving their best. This campaign is also in line with our brand philosophy- Live the New, and has an exciting visual language that’s sure to appeal to our audience.
  • This film focuses on pitching different kinds of lenses that are adapted to the needs to different consumers. The film features young, confident people who do not lose sight of their goals and are ever ready to take on exciting challenges.
  • The brand with its range of specialized lenses enables them to reach their goalposts. The new TVC embodies all the values the brand represents – boldness, spontaneity, and audacity of youth and reinforces the brand’s proposition ‘Live the New’.
  • Consumers today are heavy users of gadgets and are often exposed to different weather conditions as they’re always on the move. Cognizant to these changing lifestyles, Titan Eyeplus in a way is providing solutions to everyday problems that spectacle users face due to their lifestyles.
Source: http://bit.ly/2gX9IB6