This is how artificial intelligence will find its space in our day to day lives

Nowadays businesses and consumers are more focused towards artificial intelligence which gives them access to reduced costs and improve efficiency and many other suitable options.
  • With the recent advancements in technology since last five to six years, the world is heading towards the automation in all fields with the help of artificial intelligence to improves sustainability in the business.
  • Big conglomerates within the country and across the countries are putting their inputs to prepare different datasets to make predictions which also includes shopping recommendations and it proves to be the biggest area of focus in artificial intelligence globally.
  • On the other hand, the global players such as Google, Samsung, Apple, Amazon etc. have deployed their voice assistant features which helps their consumers to make their life easy.
  • Banks and other financial services are continuously working on artificial intelligence to serve their consumer as well as reduced the costs.
  • State bank of India and HDFC Bank already progressed with the chatbots to handle customer queries.
  • Another sector that is throwing light on artificial intelligence is healthcare sector, as India stands on 154 out of 195 on a healthcare access index which gives a rough idea of cheaper diagnoses and increases in diseases.
Capgemini in their recent study found that most of the Indian companies are adopting AI beyond pilot projects and it will create a very good impact and also it will play a much important role in coming years.

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