This is how Amazon’s Saheli plans to be a friend in need for women entrepreneurs

Amazon India announced the launch of ‘Amazon Saheli’ a pioneering programme that is aimed at empowering and enabling women entrepreneurs from across India who will now have a new platform to reach out to new customers.
  • Amazon has launched this in collaboration with SEWA (Self-Employed Women Association) and Impulse Social Enterprise.
  • Women entrepreneurs associated with these partner organisations will be able to offer their products to customers through a dedicated storefront, ‘The Saheli Store’.
  • It will comprise of handicrafts, apparel, handbags and home décor items all that have been produced locally.
  • The store will gradually scale up to onboard women entrepreneurs selling in different product categories.
  • Amazon Saheli will also help women gain world-class logistics and fulfilment facilities to help their business grow and under the program they will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits such as subsidized referral fees, free imaging, and cataloging during launch, account management and post-launch support etc.
  • Extensive training programme and workshops will be conducted for women to help them understand online selling and develop skills & capabilities necessary to grow their business on
All of this proves that this program will be very beneficial and profitable for the women entrepreneurs.

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