Saregama Carvaan: A Perfect Mixture of Product Innovation & Advertising

Televisions, iPods, Radio’s has made it super easy for one to listen to their favourite music. That’s what the elder people from 1950’s and 1980’s had to do until a medium of their choice- Saregama Carvaan took off. Now, they get to relish and relive the music of their choice the first thing in the morning.
  • Launched in 2017, Carvaan is a digital music player pre-loaded with 5000 songs purely from Saregama’s library, classified on the basis of singers, lyricists, music composers and moods.
  • Carvaan is a product one can use with ease by changing the songs according to one’s preference. The best strategy chosen by Saregama Carvaan was that they didn’t focus on making it a product for all. Carvaan was targeted at people above 40 years of age who love music but find it too cumbersome to download their favourite songs.
  • To their surprise, even though the target audience were the elder people, most of the customers were youngsters. It even proved to be the most gifted product for festivals that year.
  • It was the work of Saregama and The Womb, done together, which made it such a success in the market. With no marketing budgets, the company went forward with the product, depending on The Word- Of- Mouth.
  • After getting the Product Right, the brand went ahead in launching campaigns for the same. The Music Industry was shook as the product sold 4 lakh units alone in its launch.
Saregama has recently launched a premium version of Carvaan and users can control/access music on Carvaan Premium from a mobile app for Android or iOS. The next growth of Saregama Carvaan is expected from Tier 2 cities. Carvaan’s regional variants will further add to its relevance in the diversified choices and music taste of Indian markets.
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