Paper Boat- If you could make people taste memories, you should.

  • Hector Beverages launched Paper Boat with intent to recreate traditional drinks from old recipes.
  • Hector test marketed Paper Boat in the Bengaluru market, with improved sales and enough buzz around the brand, it was launched in the northern market.
  • Currently, the company has different flavours of products such as jamun, kala khatta, aamras, aam panna, anar and chilli guava.
  • Paper Boat created a buzz in the market thanks to its distinctive branding and advertising.
  • The communications target was to evoke childhood memories through packaged ethnic Indian drinks. The name was refreshing and it cut the clutter as it reminded the consumers about their childhood.
  • The company has been innovative in terms of product, packaging, and marketing to create the consumer wow factor.
  • Paper Boat advertisements are very wise; they are using engaging content for story-telling. It has made brand awareness but also an emotional contact with its target audience.
  • Paper Boat founders had solid consumer insight that traditional beverages will work, especially when they come without preservatives. The products are authentic, i.e. natural and traditional. Also, there is a change in the consumer preferences, there is a shift happening from carbonated to non-carbonated drinks.
  • The packaging of the product is modern, contemporary, fashionable and cool. The Doypack used in Paper Boat is something which was originally developed to carry beverage in space. It is a futuristic pack.
  • The company even launched drinks during festivals seasons such as Thandai for Holi, Serbet-e-khaas for Ramadaan, and Panakam for Ram Navami which had an overwhelming response.
  • Paper Boat has done well for itself through institutional tie-ups—it sells its products to airlines, and is now trying to get into the Indian Railways network.
  • With confidence in the future of demand, Paper Boat has been expanding its capacity. Currently, the company has two manufacturing facilities—one at Manesar near Gurgaon and the other at Mysuru near Bengaluru.
  • Currently, Paper Boat is available in 70,000-100,000 outlets, the brand enjoys a significant presence in metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai.
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