Panasonic Urges : NazariyaBadlo on National Girl Child Day

  • Panasonic has launched a digital campaign #NazariyaBadlo on the occasion of National Girl Child Day as a tribute to Indian women.
  • National Girl Child Day is celebrated to increase awareness on all the inequalities faced by the girl child in the society.
  • The film showcases how women are brought up in the Indian society right from the beginning of their life journey.
  • The brand feels the need to bring to light the issue of women being perceived differently by the society.
  • The society needs to know that women are capable of making our own choices and preferences. Panasonic feels that this campaign would inspire people to change their outlook irrespective of the society’s opinions.
  • This video is a tangible reminder to broaden the way we raise girls. The video urges people to express and enact their new perspective.
  • This is an example of societal marketing. Through this campaign, the brand is touching upon a topic which is rarely talked about and this campaign will motivate young females to think beyond obvious and make unconventional conventional.

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