Own A Home To Every Travel Destination: CLUB MAHINDRA

Key Takeaways:

  • Club Mahindra started with a concept to help the families to spend their quality time together at their dream destination.
  • It provides families with ownership over the place for a particular period every year.
  • It operates more than 100 unique concepts of resorts worldwide and is the largest vacation ownership brand outside the USA.


For every family who wants to travel to a different destination and loves to enjoy the beauty and culture of the destination with their family not at any regular hotel but at a place which seems like home for them. If a family is looking to spend quality time together then this resort chain is there to provide that experience. The brand about which we are talking is Mahindra holidays and resorts India Ltd. It is a part of the Mahindra group.

Club Mahindra has a different strategy to approach its customer. As they don’t focus on solo travelers, their main aim is to bring the families together on a vacation and make their vacation a memorable one. They have customers whose 3rd and 4th generations are visiting their resorts. They provide a shared ownership model of vacations due to which a family can visit their favorite place every year. People have a lot of choices available from which they can select any resort of Club Mahindra for vacation. They say that maybe you forgot your birthday and anniversary, but we never do.

Club Mahindra was started in 1996 with its first resort in Munnar (Kashmir of South India). The next resort was opened in 1999 in Goa but currently, they have more than 100 resorts across 100 countries. In Europe, they have approximately 30 resorts and 10 resorts in America. Resorts of Club Mahindra only focus to provide quality time to the families who love to travel and allowing them to enjoy their private time with tones of activities and beautiful experiences at the resorts.

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Services Offered By CLUB MAHINDRA:

Club Mahindra has expanded its hospitality business in domestic as well as international. If you are thinking about resorts, there are 65 resorts all over India and 43 resorts in America, Europe, and Asia.

Club Mahindra offers joyous and memorable experiences to families in the form of unique concepts of resorts.

Its focus is on letting people experience everything without stress. People feel at home outside their homes.

Resorts are more than just a holiday destination. It offers experiences that enrich your soul, mind, and body. It lets us enjoy the local culture and heritage, arranges activities according to interest, and makes people feel at home by making every possible way to celebrate every occasion together.

There are many activities arranged by Club Mahindra for the children to keep them engaged and let them grow and develop their mental abilities while being on vacation.

If any guest is at the hotel on their birthday or anniversary, they organize a special event for them and invite all the guests to that event in the evening to give them blessings and enjoy together in the party.

Every family and friend at least have one trip to Goa and making it possible is the toughest thing to do. But Club Mahindra has managed to provide such great experiences and facilities in their resorts that every family would love to be there.

Resorts Where Families Lives Together:

  • Resorts like Club Mahindra Acacia Palms, Club Mahindra Emerald Palms, Club Mahindra Udaipur, Club Mahindra Mussoorie are one of the best and most loving properties of Club Mahindra.
  • They have a wide range of adventurous properties like luxurious floating cottages, treehouses, ice igloos, pool villas, cabins, tents, and so on.
  • Goa is known for its beautiful beaches, food, and water sports, and resorts provide all these things in one place. Exciting water adventures, dining facilities, private beaches, and all.
  • They have unique concepts of resorts in Kerala, which is built in such a way as to float over the water. One of them is Club Mahindra Ashtamudi, which will give a hands-on, unique experience of living between the lakes. Activities like dolphin spotting, Ayurveda spa, lunch at a floating restaurant and many more.
  • Everyone wants to live in a palace and thinking of it we can only remind of palaces in Rajasthan where Maharajas used to stay and now is a heritage. Club Mahindra also owns a property in Udaipur.
  • Mewar, Rajasthan which looks similar. The palace is well equipped with every modern comfort. At this palace, they tried to give the royal experience to their customers. One can experience unique dining concepts at the resort-like Raja-Rani Dinner on the terrace of the palace
  • Club Mahindra – Mussoorie is one of the very famous tourist spots in that city. This resort is near the gun hill point in Mussoorie. It offers Himalayan views from its balcony. Activities like trekking and ropeway can be done. Facilities like free pick-up and drop are provided to the travelers there.
  • The positive point about Club Mahindra is that they try to provide a lifetime memorable experience to their customers in their unique concepts of resorts across the globe.
  • All resorts are very much different from others as they always try to provide a different experience at a different location which helps them to hold onto their customers.
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Stressful and Joyful Vacation:

This can only be done if all the factors of a vacation are taken pre-care of or have been pre-booked.

One has to spend one’s all-time and resources researching and book a nice place to stay for the family. It takes a lot of time to even plan a single vacation in 2-3 years. The most difficult part is to select a destination according to the season. And most importantly we all want a joyful and peaceful experience in our holiday or vacation.

Sometimes, people want to visit the same destination again if their experience is amazing. And every time they have to spend a huge amount on booking, just think of spending amount every year and enjoy the pre-booked stay with all the 5-star amenities all over India and also internationally. This also explains the concept of ownership Vacation.

Ownership Vacation:

Club Mahindra provides the experience of vacation in such a way where people stay away from home but experiences a home-like feeling with the mutual experience of having ownership over the place.

It provides families with ownership over the place for a particular period every year. The time and destination can be decided by the family and the number of days the family wants to stay in.

With Club Mahindra, every family who is a member gets a fixed seven days to stay in their unique resorts every year and it can be extended by paying for the extra number of days, but the experience says that it is worth spending.

Types Of Membership:

Membership has been classified depending on the seasons and the type of family. The most important factor is the seasons as in which season people want to travel, and hence it has been divided into four types.

  1. Purple season: – Mainly people want to travel on their holidays like festivals, national holidays, or any occasion. This membership allows families to travel all around the year and offers a stay in the resorts.
  2. Red season: – It mostly allows families to travel when they are on summer or winter holidays. Some families like to celebrate festivals at home and want to travel before and after the festivals. This membership offers a stay around the week of any festival.
  3. White season: – This is the season when there is peace in nature, and most families want to enjoy this peace and want to stay at a place where they can relax. This season is almost between peak season and offseason.
  4. Blue season: – As the name suggests, this season revolves around the monsoon when it rains, and nature starts blooming. Many families want to enjoy the best of nature and want to stay in places like Kerala or places where nature can be witnessed up close.

Anyone can become a member of Club Mahindra according to their preference of season, but additionally, if any member wants to travel in a different season, they can travel, but they have to pay additional charges or stay a limited time.

Becoming a member:

By getting mesmerized by seeing all the facilities and experiences shared by the existing member’s anyone can be convinced to be a member of Club Mahindra.

And why not become a member of Club Mahindra? You just have to pay annual charges and get a hassle-free vacation every year to different destinations.

This 25 years membership provides you with unimaginable experiences and will provide you with lifetime happiness.

All resorts have been built in such an amazing location so that people can experience nature and also enjoy all the activities that have been planned for the kids as well as for the adults.

It gives you a chance to get off your daily routine and go out on a vacation and bond together as a family. The vibe of all resorts is so cheerful that people share their experiences and say that they had the best time.

If a family plans to go to any destination, then they have to spend separately on staying, planning out activities, etc. But investing in the concept of vacation that Club Mahindra has planned makes you invest one time and lets you enjoy for the rest of your life and that too in an easy and hassle-free way.

Business strategy:

When an individual or a family goes on a trip, they must stay at a hotel. Hotels do have a good rate for rooms, but they provide fewer facilities as compared to resorts. If a person visits a place and leaves, the value of their entire money ends as the hotel is not going to provide any facilities after that.

But Club Mahindra has something different for families who wish to visit different places. They say that we are here, so you don’t have to purchase a house at your dream location. Just spend once and they will provide facilities repeatedly. Club Mahindra has different kinds of memberships. These memberships have their benefits and restrictions too.

 Club Mahindra focuses on a long relationship with their customers as they provide them with a good experience at the resorts and motivate them to be part of the club and then enjoy stays for the next 25 years.

Mahindra has always prioritised family vacations, activities, and stays since the inception of the Munnar resort club. They are also only focused on membership and making their customers a part of their club.

In the resorts, they have special rooms for families and couples, and they provide personal kitchen facilities to give a homely feel at the resort.

Every resort has its USP, as does every resort. It stands out in terms of location, property, as well as service.

They took care of the 4 Ps in their marketing strategy very well. As their product, which comes under the hospitality sector, is of the 5-star category and very well maintained. The price of the resort for their members is affordable, and they also provide top-up options if anyone wants to spend more days at the resort. When we talk about the next “P”, i.e., place, then we must say that Club Mahindra also took care of this because they have their resorts mostly in every destination in India. They always promote their brand Mahindra as the pick-up and drop facilities are always available for the tourists and the vehicle is also used by their own company, which acts as a promotional tool itself.


It is also true that for some families, it seems that it will cost way too much in monetary value, but ultimately, families spend a huge amount in planning any vacation they don’t feel while enjoying, and finally they realise the same.

The advantages of the concept of Club Mahindra are unique and balance out and plan a vacation for all their members every year and every destination. The activities are planned in such a way so that you cannot miss any experience that is related to the destination.

This experience is very important for any family. Every family must invest in such a concept so that they can enjoy their family time together while being at home away from home.

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