Navratra diet: Restaurants shift to healthier low-calorie dishes.

  • Restaurantsin Indian cities are experimenting with innovative and alternative low-calorie dishes to cater to the tastes of the new age devout. 
  • Hotels are presenting dishesthat give patrons the chance to follow the nine-day fast & at the same time indulge in a range of splendid
  • There is gradual shift to healthier, low-calorie alternatives from traditional Navratri food such as puris, pakoras and mithai.
  • People are now increasingly consuming soups, uttapams and idlis during the Navratri.
  • The new generation of Indians are more open, trying out new Navratra specials introduced by many fast food outlets.
  • However, most of the elder generation still prefer to stick to traditional sama ke chawal, arbi or sitaphal ki sabzi, kuttu ki puri and sabudana tikkis.
  • Some people avoid eating out & usually prefer eating at pure vegetarian places.
  • However, some Indians are gradually opening up when it comes to eating out, but visit restaurants where they feel assured about the purity, hygiene and quality of satvik food prepared.
  • Many times guests are also seen ensuring that restaurants are using separate utensils to cook their food and that no non-vegetarian food is being cooked in the kitchen.


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