Jingles and chimes can make trademark noise

  • Most of us are aware that one can trademark a slogan, a logo, and a name, but did you know that it is also possible to trademark a sound?
  • The National Stock Exchange’s theme song is registered as a sound mark in India.
  • For some brands, an audio logo is just as important as a visual one.
  • The first sound mark to be granted registration was the ‘Yahoo Yodel’ of Yahoo Inc, in 2004 for registering the sound of a human voice yodeling the word ‘Yahoo’. 
  • Sounds can be a corporate jingle (ICICI Bank) or the sound heard on logging into a device (Nokia).
  • Sound plays an important role in the marketing process as people can associate goods or services with the sound it represents.
  • It takes brand recognition to another level, especially when one cannot use a word or a logo in a setting.
  • In businesses that are largely intangible, registration of sound marks is certainly of value.
  • Non–traditional marks such as color and sound can soon become the complete identity of a brand.
Source : http://bit.ly/2olSIIf


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