Nano to be repositioned as electric vehicle

Despite the drag that the Nano has been for Tata Motors, the company is reluctant to shunt it.
  • Nano car cannot be phased out as the sentiments of the company, Ratan Tata and shareholders are attached to it.
  • In June Nano sales hit their lifetime low of 167 forcing Tata motors to consider to repositioning it
  • It lost it hold in passenger vehicles segment as Japanese, South Korean and European car makers started flooding the market
  • To regain the 3rd position the strategy involves introducing the new car models
  • Tata motor will develop on its own the advanced modular platform that is designed to lower the production cost
  • If the electric variant succeeds the Nano may just make a comeback.
  • Tata motors have already conducted a test of an electric Nano at its test track in Coimbatore.
  • Not divulging the electric model plan the firm has confirmed that Nano will not be phased out but avenues to reposition it instead.

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