Missing Context could be Harmful

In Marketing communication context is also known as “Fine print”. Fine Print is the less noticeable text in contract or document. The use of fine print is a common advertising technique in certain market niches, particularly those of high-margin specialty products or services uncompetitive with those in the mainstream market.

  • Advertising insurance brands and their policies on TV and radio are spoken so fast that you miss the whole context. Also, you don’t get a chance to read it on TV and hence you miss out on the context.
  • Marketers usually assume that consumer has seen the print ad of the brand and hence context on the TV and Radio moves fast.
  • Tata Steel has broadcasted an advertisement on which they mentioned that they were looking for people in their PR department and the salary mentioned was around 12k to 15k p.a. Later on, it was discovered that ad was from 1970. When the salary was valued as per today’s date it was 400,000p.a.
  • Not just fine print, but also the missing context such as the date, in this case, could cause a hiccup to the brand.
  • Dove had broadcasted a 3-second clip of black/dark women turning into white Asian women. In that, apart was missed and the clip seemed to be racially inappropriate.
  • There are chances of a campaign becoming disastrous when the advertisement is rendered from vocal i.e. TV or Radio ad to print ad. As every small condition or detail of the campaign cannot be executed in the print ad. Hence, the content becomes tiny or missing.

The missing content in the advertisement could lead to misinterpretation and tiny context in the print ad are usually ignored. It could either damage the reputation of the brand or cause trouble to the consumers who might interpret them incorrectly.

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