Is The iPhone Now A Fading Star for Apple?

  • Apple has overseen a decline in the iPhone sales for the 1st time ever. This may be an early indication that Apple Inc. needs to change its strategy so that it doesn’t play catch up with its competitors.
  • In 2007, Apple was a $70 billion In 2015, its annual profits amounted to $18 billion, with iPhone accounting for 2/3rds of Apple’s revenue.
  • Apple Inc. is now standing at crossroads. It is facing a turning point and once again the reason is its famed product, iPhone.
  • The smartphone market has become saturated and Google now is building phones which rivals iPhone in all aspects. After leading the growth of Apple Inc. for a decade, iPhone can no longer pull it any further.
  • The company is facing the same problem which it faced a decade ago, before it launched the iPhone; figuring out what’s next?
Date: 10th January 2017
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