Indian restaurants shifting to camera friendly dishes

  • Social media and the internet has been the driving force for any major changes in the world today.
  • Clicking and sharing photos of food on Instagram, twitter, Facebook is a new trend among the youngsters today.
  • Unlike US where restaurants are now shifting from serving in open plates from box packing, in India, restaurants like Taco bell and burger brand Carl’s Jr. have started serving in open plates.
  • People now along with taste are also interested in the looks of the food served so as to click photos and sharing it.
  • Since people trust each other more than the brand, restaurants become a word of mouth
  • Instagram has been a major platform for transforming the industry combining the food and science to create new and exciting tastes and flavors.
  • “We may end up creating a stunning portrait with food on your plate, which you’d wish to showcase across social media, but at the end of the day if it doesn’t taste good and offer you value-for-money proposition, it won’t matter,” said Zorawar Kalra, MD of Massive Restaurants, the owner of Masala Library, Made in Punjab and Farzi Café.