In-cinema advertising crosses Rs 500 crore mark: Innovation & experiential marketing to be key drivers ahead

  • Advertisers are always of interest to pitch their ads to the targeted audience and of worry about consumers switching channels, closing a browser or choosing the YouTube skip button.
  • But a new way of advertising has taken the front seat to target the audience i.e. In-cinema advertising which has become a more reliable channel for brands to interact with the target audience. According to the KPMG, this new way of advertising, unlike traditional methods, has crossed Rs 500 crore mark.
  • Munnish Puri, Founder, Indian Financial Advisors & Indian Film Advisors, said, “The in-cinema advertising in India is currently approximately at 1% of the total ad spends and it could grow at 20% to 25% per annum over the next five years. So there is a huge untapped potential market which could lead new ways of advertising for marketers.
  • In-cinema advertising is directly affected by the footfall count which is affected with the release of big starrer films. Currently, UFO moviez has over 3670 screens, with an aggregate seating capacity of approximately 1.75 million viewers and a reach of 1892 locations across India.
  • To increase the footfall count, multiplexes and theatres have to consider the affordability factor of tickets of movies which consumers pay a considerable importance.
  • Experiential and innovation marketing are the key drivers for the In-cinema advertising. Volkswagen in its new promotion activities gave consumers a feeling of experiential advertising by using In-cinema advertising spreading the message “Don’t use mobile phones during driving”