Maruti Suzuki Positions ‘Alto’ as a Car ‘Made for India’ With its Latest Brand Campaign

  • We Indian’s don’t need an occasion to go out and celebrate. Most of the time, we are eagerly waiting for a call to get up and just go. Maruti Suzuki identified this very ‘moving nature’ of Indians and integrated it with its latest campaign ‘Alto, Made for India. Let’s Go India’.
  • Under this, the brand beautifully captured the vivid nuances of how India constantly moves on wheels. The video showcases ‘Alto’ as an integral part of the journey of every Indian, community, culture and religion.
  • The campaign was promoted through on-ground events and various digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Hotstar to promote its positioning.
  • The campaign was successful in grabbing people’s attention, reaching out to the target audience and communicating the idea that Alto is an inseparable part of one’s life journeys.
  • Maruti Suzuki is going all out to promote Alto as an integral part of every Indian’s journey. It is touching the emotional aspect of every Indian with this campaign, which has brought laurels for the company and the car as well. All the data collected shows that engagement of the brand has been very high.