ICC T20 World Cup- Brands and Sports Marketing

Key Takeaways:

  • Sponsors of ICC T20 World Cup: The ICC provides a variety of sponsorship options to meet worldwide and local sponsors’ brand marketing campaigns. The partnerships agreements are divided into categories, each with the aim of serving in the delivery of the brand’s expenditure. Currently, there are 14 partners for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.
  • Brand and Sports marketing of sponsors: Following are the important rights and benefits associated with brand collaborations:
      1. Integration of Television broadcast, internet, and social networks
      2. Utilisation ICC marks and marketing deals
      3. Ticketing and catering
      4. Running consumer advertisements
      5. Distinctiveness of the product
  • Female participation has risen in live cricketing tournaments: The ever-increasing number of female spectators who enjoy watching sports on television as much as men have gone mostly untapped. Cricket has ensured that sports viewing is no longer influenced by gender.

Through the ICC T20 World Cup, Team India is poised to take on the international stage and preserve the integrity of live sports intact. Captain Virat Kohli and his squad will attempt to revenge their team’s defeat in the 2016 edition during the following two months of nonstop cricket. From October 17 to October 29, a total of 45 matches will be contested in the UAE and Oman over 29 days. On November 14, the final match will be contested in Dubai. The ICC values long-term partnerships and provides chances for partner organizations to engage with its supporters through the success of ICC cricket tournaments.
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The following are the existing ICC partners:


  • Nissan
  • OPPO
  • MRF Tyres
  • com
  • Emirates


  • MoneyGram
  • Bira91
  • Coca-Cola
  • Star Sports
  • Upstox


  • Royal Stag
  • Jacob’s Creek
  • Dream11
  • com

Despite the fact that the ICC T20 World Cup has started, official broadcaster Star Sports has already sold 70% of the tournament’s television commercial inventory. Co-presenting advertising is estimated to cost roughly Rs 60-70 crore, while partner advertising is projected to be around Rs 30-40 crore for T20. For a 10-second ad spot, the broadcaster channel is charging Rs 14-15 lakh. Cricket is, without a question, India’s most popular sport, and it is the finest way for businesses to interact with their target customers. When it comes to the T20 World Cup, Indian fans are especially enthusiastic to support the men in blue. They order stuff, invite guests over, or watch the championship in a sports bar. This is more like a celebration, with the entire family or circle of friends gathering to watch the game. Brands also go crazy when it comes to spending on sports like ICC T20 World Cup, in order to be where their customers are.

Without India in the knockout stages, viewership might plummet, resulting in fewer perceptions provided and a reduced economic effect. The poor performance of the team for consumer sentiment is expected to affect brand strength and attention for the remainder of the ICC T20 World Cup, 2021. As a result of India’s bad performance from the World Cup, match viewership gets todrop by 50 percent or more, according to some estimates. The ICC, anticipating the displeasure of spectators, has opted to provide full refunds. Advertisers, on the other side, will see a decrease in viewership for the next round of matches. However, as the World Cup neared its conclusion, most marketers would obtain their exposure through commercials in the games up until India’s exit. The media team has trouble selling the last-minute merchandise, which is usually sold at a premium. India’s losses in the tournament could result in an early withdrawal, which would have a negative impact on sponsors that have spent advertising dollars and advertising mediums. Given that it is the holiday season and there are no major events involving some advertisers have placed large bets in the hopes of a significant post-pandemic surge, but they may be in for a nasty awakening. If Team India has an unpredictably early withdrawal from the ICC T20 World Cup in 2021, the companies that invested will get less than they spent and anticipated. Live cricket investment is about engaging with the attitude than about pure media analytics. For more information Click Here. 

According to a media planner, some sponsors will go to any length to be connected with the IPL and T20 World Cup. New-age fintech advertisers are less concerned with negotiations and are willing to spend any amount of money on IPL. Advertisers are willing to spend up to Rs 15 lakh for a 10-second commercial. The tournament will feature 45 matches which will be broadcast on Star Sports and live-streamed in numerous languages on Disney+ Hotstar.

Star Sports revives the 'Mauka Mauka' campaign during the India-Pakistan match

The tournament’s official broadcaster, Star Sports, revived the legendary ‘Mauka Mauka’ marketing campaign, that maintains the theme of India versus Pakistan. The commercial, which was initially broadcast just before the 2015 ICC World Cup, is a mix of sly humour and pleasant conversation that makes it approachable and entertaining. The campaign, which was developed and conceived by Star Sports’ in-house staff, begins with a Pakistani supporter visiting a friend’s electronics store to buy a television screen for the next T20 World Cup match. The notion of India and Pakistani supporters attempting to outsmart each other is continued in the ad film. One of the most important sporting rivalries is between India and Pakistan. The confrontation at an ICC event draws both die-hard and ordinary cricket fans, as well as non-cricket spectators. It is believed that the legendary ‘Mauka Mauka’ ad reflects the essence of this game, merging competitiveness, sarcasm, and gamesmanship.

Upstox proposed a three-year agreement with the International Cricket Council (ICC)

The association began with a weeklong first ICC world test championship final between India and New Zealand on June 2021 in England, which will last through the end of the ICC’s current commercial license cycle in 2023. Upstox began as RKSV Securities in 2009 and has rapidly expanded to become one of the top online investing marketplaces with over 4 million users since being entirely digital. It now provides online stocks, derivatives, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, and ETF investments, as well as 0% commission on equities delivery trades. During the duration of this collaboration with the ICC, Upstox will organize five senior-level international tournaments in men’s and women’s cricket. Upstox’s partnership with the ICC will contribute significantly to financial literacy and the development of an institutional investor culture in India. Customers would be empowered as a result of thissince the tech-enabled and accessible system would assist them in maximising the potential of their investments.

Coca Cola to sponsor all important ICC events for the next three years

This US-based firm has a long record of financing major prominent sports events around the world. Coca-Cola has made it a priority to provide its customers with the greatest Cold Drinks possible. They make, store, and market non-alcoholic beverages as an international enterprise. It has renewed its three-year agreement with former Indian captain and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly as its ambassador. Ganguly had already agreed to a deal with Coca-Cola in 2017.The compass’s move to extend this collaboration was an obvious one.Coca-Cola has planned to increase its influence and participation in Indian sport well beyond what it was previously. This is especially exciting for Indian sports. From this year, they will be affiliated with the T20 World Cup, and these relationships with sports events reflect the company’s concept of attempting to be a part of its customers’ happy times and celebrations.

MoneyGram to extend its sponsorship till 2023 end

ICC has renewed its sponsorship agreement with MoneyGram, a global money transfer and payment systems provider, for another eight years. Until the end of 2023, it will fund all competitions recognized by cricket’s governing body, as well as other related events. The money transfer business, which first partnered with ICC in 2010, has experienced an increase of 80 percent in brand recognition and recollect it as a result of the partnership. MoneyGram will host bowling tournaments in over 100 places across India to engage with young consumers. In terms of duration of stay and type of work, Indian expatriates in the United States differ from those in the United Kingdom and the Middle East. They have two main features in common: they send money home (to India) and they are almost certainly cricket lovers. MoneyGram sought to take these two common variables into account with the ICC sponsorship and become the most popular payment processing service.

Nissan Magnite to be the Official Car for ICC Men's T20 World Cup

Nissan has confirmed its official partnership of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, 2021, with the Nissan SUV Magnite serving as the official automobile. Nissan India has teamed up with cricket veteran Kapil Dev to promote the T20 World Cup virtual trophy trip.It’s no wonder that Nissan India is showcasing its most interesting product to obtain greater impact as to what is expected to be a globally watched sporting event.Since its premiere in the country in December of last year, the SUV Magnite has generated over 60,000 bookings because it has the finest, lowest-in-class cost of maintenance of 30 paise per kilometre along with options of dual petrol engines.Since 2016, Nissan has been an official partner of ICC global events to support the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, a championship that connects people together along with faith and enjoyment.

The constant rise of female viewership in Sports

Women’s sports viewership rose by 8% in 2021, according to data given by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC). The majority of television content is oriented toward female audiences. This concept has centred on soap operas and reality shows, and advertising companies have taken advantage of it to connect to their focused female viewers. However, the modest but continuous soar of female viewers who enjoy watching sports on televisions as much as males have remained virtually unexplored. They have assured that gender identity no longer determines sports watching, whether it is a working lady or a housewife who makes time watching her favourite sport while balancing work and daily duties. Television panel results revealed that female interest was 1.8x more than those of other genres. ICC T20 World Cup has only resulted in an increase of commercials aimed at female audiences, but it also gave brands the confidence to use it to promote their campaigns. Niine Hygiene and Personal Care made a bold marketing move by launching its ground-breaking campaign, ‘RunForNiine,’ at the cricket stadium to raise awareness about menstruation hygiene. It was also the first time a feminine hygiene products company funded an Indian sports team. The expansion of women’s sports, which have gained popularity through time and showed the potential to attract large crowds, has also contributed to the recognition of the female audience. The ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2020 drew 74.9 million views right before the world was put under lockdown in March of last year. The fact that India advanced to the final against Australia made it the most-watched ICC women’s T20 tournament in history.

Queens of the tournament: Female presenters

Many female presenters are garnering high praise for their efforts on television cricket shows. These female reporters have been the network’s USP in terms of gaining TRP. They’re debating, analysing, and even planning plans for upcoming cricket matches. These presenters have little time to breathe because they are always involved with cricket matches without being on the field. Viewers enjoy viewing their favourite shows on television before, during, and after the match. The pre-match and post-match programs have received equal praise from the spectators as the cricketing activity on the field does. Experts conduct numerous assessments to provide unique insights to the audience – with technical and a variety of other factors. Furthermore, game plans for various players are addressed, as well as exclusive conversations with the players. There are also interesting segments, such as ‘Follow the Blues,’ which keeps everybody entertained. The female presenters are in charge of hosting and running these presentations, as well as enabling the experts to talk about the most pleasant topics.

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