How 2018 will shape up for Indian food tech industry

Food delivery apps are laying the foundation of a new category that has immense potential to solve for everyday practical eating needs.
  • There has been entry of food tech companies that are using the power of technology to make the delivery process transparent, less transactional and available beyond one’s home.
  • Today there is a higher dependence of customers on app-based food delivery so restaurant partners have limited access to customer insights and data.
  • Personalization has become very important to customers these days.
  • Giving recommendations to customers about the different restaurants or cuisines from their ordering history can increase the ease of food selection.
  • 2018 will see a wave of food tech businesses take over the pool of traditional restaurants that will strengthen partnerships with technologically led app-based food delivery platforms.
  • Customers can order food from the app-based platforms with convenience and reliability.
  • For delivery partners, every order is highly variable depending upon the location and configuration of the restaurant.
  • Technology will play a major role for the delivery partners in reducing the overall order fulfilment time of the customers.
  • Consumer loyalty will depend greatly on the service quality.
Food tech companies in India have the potential to aim to lead ‘the future of food’ in the country by breaking the stereotype of food delivery and helping restaurants grow their business.

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