Harshey’s target Cadbury with kisses

The Hershey Company, commonly called Hershey’s, is an American
company and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world, it also manufactures baked products, like cookies.


  • Hershey’s is looking to increase its business in the Indian market.
  • Hershey’s launched its ‘Kisses’ chocolate in India on Wednesday, nearly 110 years after it was first introduced in its home market, the US.
  • The drop-shaped bite-sized chocolate candies will be produced in India with taste tweaked to local palette.
  • It will be launched in southern Indian in the beginning.
  • The size of the market is the main reason for the introduction of kisses in India.
  • India is one of the fastest growing markets for the Hershey Company.
  • India is the part of the cluster of emerging markets outside North America and contributes about 12% of the total business.
  • Currently, Mondelez is the leader followed by Ferrero and Nestle.
The current Indian market is huge with a lot of potential to grow. In the
present scenario Mondelez is having two third of the market, but as the size is more it is easy to get into the market for Hershey’s. According to me market penetration price can be used just to first get into the market
and get some part of market share.


Bitly: https://bit.ly/2B4aDdP


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