Google launches revamped AdWords experience

Google AdWords is a platform where people can advertise ads in the sponsored links section next to search results to boost website traffic and sales. Aiming to help advertisers reach customers in a better way, Google India launched new AdWords features that will load pages 20% faster to provide instant information.
  • With the new AdWords, there is less clutter and more intuitive workflows, allowing advertisers to now quickly make the changes that will move their business forward.
  • Google has brought in several features like Extensions, Call bid adjustments and Landing pages in AdWords.
  • ‘Extensions’ enhances information such as links, phone numbers or promotions. Globally, with new design and layout, customers have saved 30 per cent more time on average when completing everyday tasks.
  • ‘Call bid adjustments’ allow publishers to control how often the call option appears with search ads.
  • ‘Landing pages’ help advertisers to identify which URLs in their account are mobile-friendly, which ones drive the most sales, and which ones may require attention.
  • Earlier this month, Google also extended Bengali support to AdWords to let publishers create relevant content in regional languages in India.
With over a million advertisers, AdWords, which is based largely on key words, generates tens of billions of revenue for Google.

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