Digital marketing not helping in long-term brand building

The companies are nowadays focusing on efficiency with maximum productivity and minimum wasted effort or expense. Digital media is an open platform for all to market themselves and this makes people avoid them by using ad blockers.
  • Digital marketing eliminates old advertising techniques calling it a waste by focusing on people who have no intention of buying the product. For example showing an advertisement for diapers to households who don’t have a baby is a waste of money.
  • The social media will bombard the household with commercials of diapers once they announce that they are expecting a baby. As those brand names will be new to them, they will choose the known and trusted brands like Huggies or Pampers.
  • The world’s largest advertiser, P&G, announced that it had slashed digital budgets by $140 million still the sales went up.
  • The problem with this short-term focusing is you get a rewarding boost in return on investment, but not long-term profit
  • Brands like Nike, Reebok etc. have created their brand value amongst the customers. They got these results with campaigns designed to make the brand famous.
The strategy should be getting back to building campaigns for long-term effects. Digital marketing has an important role to play, but so do brand-building campaigns.

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