Coca-Cola targets Indian fruit circular economy

Coca-cola is planning to expand its fruit-based beverage offerings, frozen fruit dessert, getting into dairy based value-added products and also exporting those products developed in India.
  • The company is focusing on ‘fruit circular economy’ which basically includes helping farmers in more production, sourcing it from them and making the product in India itself.
  • For the purpose, the company has tied up with Jain irrigation for sourcing mango pulp and orange pulp.
  • It is also developing fruit beverages based on regional fruits. The company is also planning to launch vegetable-based beverage like carrot juice.
  • The company will launch the local fruit beverages-including the mango beverage under the Minute Maid brand. Similarly, it will also expand its portfolio of fruit-flavored sparkling drinks like Fanta.
  • The company has started exporting Indian brands like the carbonated drink ThumsUp and masala soda RimZim to Bangladesh and later to Sri Lanka, Bhutan and other markets.
  • The company will soon launch value-added dairy products.
Coca-Cola India with its focus on the ‘fruit circular economy’ will enable the growth in demand for fruits which in turn would improve the farm practices and increase the farmer income.



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